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Heylen and the Country of Origin

Heylen and the Country of Origin

In every episode, martin heylen and an exotic flemish celebrity travel to his or country of origin. Once there, they take part in everyday life in search of the celebrities’ exotic soul and traces of their heritage. Together they discover the local colour and get a taste of what might have been.

In season 1 martin travels with tv personality jani kazaltzis to greece, with actress barbara sarafian to armenia, with politician meyrem almaci to turkey, with athlete svetlana bolshakova to russia, with former athlete elodie ouedraogo to burkina faso, with ex-gymnast aagje vanwalleghem to brazil, with former miss belgium tatiana silva to the cape verde and with dutch lawyer/columnist/actor prem radhakishun to surinam.

In season 2 he takes actor matteo simoni to italy, comedian lies lefever to rwanda, film director adil el arbi to morocco, tv presenter michèle van sebroeck to brazil, hip hop artist karoline kamosi to congo, professional cyclist zdenek stybar to the czech republic, stand-up comedian thomas smith to india and restaurant owner quyen truong thi to vietnam. 

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