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The Old Days

The Old Days

Archive show in which steven van herreweghe looks for the big and small stories behind well-known and less well-known footage. Every week he draws inspiration from the well-known guest and tv buff on the show. But steven does more than just show the footage. He delved into loads of archives, talked to countless witnesses and perused encyclopaedia. Archive footage has never been this colourful, not even in black and white. 

Season 1: 

  • journalist frieda van wijck
  • musician ronny mosuse
  • singer walter grootaers
  • tv producer tom lenaerts
  • journalist and tv personality guy mortier
  • singer/tv presenter marcel vanthilt
  • comedian jacques vermeire
  • singer/tv presenter bart peeters
  • film director erik van looy
  • singer/comedian urbanus.

Season 2:

  • journalist annemie struyf
  • chef jeroen meus
  • drummer/game show host ben crabbé
  • journalist/tv producer paul jambers
  • film director jan verheyen
  • psychologist/sex therapist goedele liekens
  • actor/director tom van dyck
  • radio and tv presenter luc appermont
  • singer and tv personality sergio
  • singer/tv presenter koen wauters
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