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The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister

The Belgian prime minister is kidnapped en route to an important meeting. He is told that his wife and children have also been kidnapped. The only way he will ever get to see them again is by killing the person he is scheduled to meet later that day. And that person is none other than... the president of the United States. The prime minster faces an impossible dilemma. Do his duty as a public servant or save the lives of his family. What started as a promising day devolves into a veritable nightmare and an emotional rollercoaster.

Thriller by Erik Van Looy starring Koen De Bouw as the Belgian prime minister. 


Cast & Crew

Director - Erik Van Looy
Producent - Hilde De Laere

Leading roles:
Koen De Bouw
Tine Reymer
Charlotte Vandermeersch
Stijn Van Opstal
Dirk Roofthooft
Wim Willaert Luc
Saskia Reeves

Scenario - Erik Van Looy en Carl Joos
Music - Merlijn Snitker
Editing - Philippe Ravoet
Cinematography - Danny Elsen

Premiere - 19 October 2016
Genre - Thriller
Runtime - 113 minutes

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