Five married men secretly share a loft where they can entertain their mistresses and latest conquests in style. An excellent arrangement, until one winter morning when they find the dead body of a young woman. None of them know who she is, where she comes from or how she ended up in a loft to which only the six of them have a key. The friends have no choice but to try and find out what happened and why but as suspicion creeps in, it becomes clear they don’t know each other half as well as they thought.

Loft, an Erik Van Looy film, was the first Woestijnvis production and was released in the autumn of 2008. It was a smash hit: 1.2 million moviegoers made it the most successful Belgian film ever. In 2010 the three-part mini-series ‘Loft’ aired on public TV channel Eén. Also in 2010, Woestijnvis co-produced a Dutch remake of ‘Loft’ together with Millstreet Films and Pumpkin Film (directed by Antoinette Beumer). 



  • Prime Star Award for Loft, Best Flemish Film
  • Flemish Entertainment Award for Loft, Best Film
  • Humo's Pop Poll for Loft, Best Movie
  • Cutting Edge Award for Loft, Best Film

Cast & Crew

Director - Erik Van Looy
Producer - Hilde De Laere

Leading roles:
Koen De Bouw
Filip Peeters
Matthias Schoenaerts
Koen De Graeve
Bruno Vanden Broecke
Jan Decleir
Veerle Baetens
Marie Vinck
An Miller
Wine Dierickx

Scenario - Bart De Pauw
Music - Wolfram de Marco
Editing - Philippe Ravoet
Cinematography - Danny Elsen

Première - 22 October r 2008
Genre - Thriller
Runtime - 113 minutes

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