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The Auxiliary Prison of Leuven

The Auxiliary Prison of Leuven

Authentic and captivating documentary, filmed in the auxiliary prison of leuven. About guilt and penance, about missed opportunities and the eternal conviction to never end up behind bars again.

In early 2009, several inmates took a theatre workshop. For three months, the improvisations and rehearsals were filmed on the prison grounds, culminating in the eventual public performance. But there is so much more to leuven hulp. Throughout the three-month filming period, prison management granted complete and exclusive access to life inside the penal institution. For three months, the camera looked over the shoulders of inmates nico, bogdan, dilges, christos, peter, antonio and ali, often day and night.  Even in their cells, where they are locked up for 22 hours per day.

One thing is for certain: the small and big events in the lives of the inmates will leave no one untouched, and the fact that it’s all so recognisable forces the viewer to empathise.

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