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For God’s Sake

For God’s Sake

Why do so many flemish girls and women convert to islam? Is life in a closed convent exciting or exceedingly dull? Why are converts often given a new name? Why do convent nuns always get up so early?

Annemie struyf tries to answer these as well as a hundred other questions in season 1. For weeks, she lives amongst monks and nuns, gurus and healers, wise men and simpletons, fundamentalists and fanatics. They live, sleep, eat, kneel, fast, sing, meditate and pray together. As she experiences the world’s major religions first-hand, she discovers a major truth: nothing is as it seems. A paradisiacal religious community turns out to be a dubious place. Rigorous practice conceals a wealth of wisdom and kindness. Those with something to hide fall short. Those with nothing to hide remain standing.

In season 2 of ‘in godsnaam’, annemie explores the world of the last flemish missionary nuns. From her home base in the convent of the missionary sisters of the immaculate heart of mary, annemie travels around the world. Her search for the last spirited, exhausted or tireless missionaries takes her from the jungles of the congo to the heart of manhattan, from the indians in mexico to the tent camps of haiti, from the chaos of kinshasa to the deep south of texas. Right up until that inevitable moment when each sister is recalled to heverlee to prepare for her last big journey.

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