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Belgian league football

Belgian league football

In the summer of 2005, belgacom acquired the tv rights to the belgian league and joined forces with production company woestijnvis to broadcast the games as part of a show. For the first time in the history of belgian television, all 9 fixtures of every matchday are broadcast live and in their entirety. This was made possible by the new digital platform of belgacom tv.  

For the first eighteen months, from august 2005 through december 2006, public tv channel canvas broadcast one live game every sunday at 6 pm. The commentators were journalist bart raes and former goalkeeper wim deconinck. For the last seven seasons, woestijnvis has produced all jupiler pro league fixtures to which belgacom has acquired the rights. From 2005 through 2009, this meant a total of 306 fixtures per season. Since the introduction of the playoffs in 2009, every campaign consists of around 300 matches.

Woestijnvis also introduced the multi live on belgacom. It’s a programme with live flashes from the various saturday evening fixtures, in addition to the regular saturday evening action. From a screamer in anderlecht to a squandered opportunity in bruges. From a penalty that isn’t given to a red card. By 10 pm the multi live fans have seen all the action as it happened. The presenters and commentators on belgacom tv include journalists bart raes & koen meulenaere and ex-pros wim de coninck and gert verheyen.

Pour les wallons la même chose! The same goes for the other side of the language border. Our team there is spearheaded by sports journalists marc delire and vincenzo ciuro, and ex-pros benoit thans and nordin jbari.

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