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In The Kitchen

In The Kitchen

A series of benevolent portraits of belgian top chefs by singer/actor wim opbrouck. The only aim of the series is to whet the viewer’s appetite and inspire him to turn off the tv afterwards and explore new culinary horizons.

Wim likes to cook himself if possible, with full enthusiasm and a thirst for action and - more importantly - with a varying degree of success. To quench his thirst for more kitchen knowledge, he probes the chefs’ soul and other stirrings. What do these gentlemen want to dish up and why do they prepare food the way they do? What sets the big chefs apart from the ever growing ranks of amateur chefs that struggle in their wake?

To illustrate the difference, the chefs prepare two meals for wim. Consequently the two recipes are also prepared by a number of enthusiastic amateur chefs in their own kitchen. They’re actually friends of wim’s who, on occasion, like to cook for fun and refuse to be curtailed by the right cutting method or precise cooking times. Each of them copy a dish prepared by a top chef, or rather they make it their own. The result often looks ‘different’ but the taste is usually spot-on. 

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