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The Book Closet

The Book Closet

‘Alles uit de kast’ is not a programme about culture, let alone the long-awaited cultural programme. No, it is a programme about books in the broadest sense. Sven Speybrouck talks about all kinds of books: old and new, thick and thin, lovely and ugly. Books about football and love, war and peace, toys and human lives, and much more.

‘Alles uit de kast’ starts with an empty book closet which is subsequently filled with special books owned by ordinary viewers and well-known people. Maybe the content of the book is exceptionally interesting. Things of which someone thinks: the rest of the world will want to know this as well. Maybe it’s a unique book. Or maybe it got picked because it is very old. Or maybe it’s just out there. Or both. A book that changed someone’s life and comes with an interesting story. Or maybe someone is simply glad the book exists. It doesn’t matter what kind of book it is, just as long as it is special in some way. 


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