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Ordinary People

Ordinary People

Most of us secretly harbour the desire to be a top dog, to be famous, even if it’s only for a day. But is it really worth it? Do stars and celebrities really lead enviable lives? What about success, failure or criticism? And are they happy? In other words: is it better to be god or a small fish?

Martin heylen plunged into the lives of a number of belgian celebrities and accompanied them during and after work. Not to lay into them as a journalist but to find out first-hand how they deal with the big and - especially - the little things in life. He had to convince them to give him access to their lives for a prolonged period and to allow him to monitor them from up close and keep filming long after other news crews had to cut the camera. This not only meant earning the trust of his guests, but also that of their spokespersons, managers and partners. Because each of these prominent figures is at the top of a pyramid: they can only shine if their entourage is up to its task and their success is often fuelled by a well-oiled machine.

Season 1:

  • fashion designer dirk bikkembergs
  • former eu boss herman van rompuy
  • former athlete cédric van branteghem
  • cartoonist kamagurka
  • cardinal godfried danneels
  • politician karel de gucht
  • model hannelore knuts
  • musician raymond van het groenewoud

Season 2: 

  • journalist rudi vranckx
  • missionary jeanne devos
  • chef piet huysentruyt
  • singer arno
  • politician joëlle milquet
  • film director erik van looy
  • mayor of ghent daniël termont
  • multidisciplinary artist jan fabre
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