Four guys (comedians lieven scheire, jonas geirnaert, jelle de beule and koen de poorter, who form the cabaret group neveneffecten) have had enough and decide it is time for action. Neveneffecten knocks on doors. Sometimes the doors are open, sometimes they are armoured. Sometimes it’s a colossal front door and occasionally a little back door. 

Once they get in, they dance on the table, fart in the fridge, water all the plants and exit through the window.

For six weeks, neveneffecten presents self-made research journalism with a sense of humour. Sometimes with lots of theatricality, sometimes all but unnoticed. And on rare occasions it hurts just the tiniest bit. The eyes of the four boys twinkle with a mixture of combativeness and sweet revenge. 

Basta. Bitter fun has never been this earnest. 

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