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Play with your Life

Play with your Life

Ever wondered how tough tom waes was as a child? How untidy the room was that elodie ouedraogo and kim gevaert shared at the olympics? Or would you like to know who really was comedian jacques vermeire’s muse?

Nineteen years after ‘unforeseen circumstances’, mark uytterhoeven is back with a new improvisational tv show. This time the inspiration for the weekly show doesn’t come from the audience but from famous guests, who come to talk about their lives. Of course, the interesting anecdotes they share are just begging for an even more original interpretation but that’s a piece of cake for this array of new and young improvisational talent: bill barberis, stijn van autreve, katrijn van bouwel, kristien lindemans, bruno claeys, alain rinckhout and bart van peer. They are assisted on stage by well-known stand-up comedians such as koen de poorter, jelle de beule, lieven scheire and henk rijckaert. They provide a welcome helping hand as well as the finishing touch.


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