Plan b is an inspirational magazine for forward-looking flemings. A programme that exudes positivism and offers an optimistic view of the future. The programme suggests alternatives to our lifestyle without losing sight of everyday reality.

Through a number of simple, small-scale ideas, plan b aims to motivate the viewer to make the world just a little bit better, one step at a time. Not just out of idealism but also because it’s cool. With a focus on diy as well as on having the courage to try it yourself.

Growing your own vegetables and starting to pay attention to the seasons again. Put on those walking shoes or jump on your bicycle and fill your nose with the wonderful smells of nature. Fill your own breadbox again, sow that skirt or assemble a cabinet. Skip meat on thursday veggie day and skip the usual traffic jams for a day thanks to the train and a folding bicycle. What used to be hippie has become hip nowadays. Plan b will convince you of this on a daily basis.

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