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Paper trails

Paper trails

In ‘paper trails’, hendrik willemyns from the belgian band arsenal presents six documentaries that turn the spotlight on six masterpieces of world literature. The documentaries were recorded in the locations where the books are set and/or where they were written. Image impressions and interviews introduce the viewer to the books and their author and at teh same time create a rough outline of the world in the 20th century.

We travel from fitzgerald’s minnesota to murakami's japan with layovers in nigeria, myanmar, france, poland, mexico and even on the planet solaris. The result is an interesting series of exotic documentaries full of local colour that immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the books.

The title ‘paper trails’ is an accounting term that means the trail that people/companies leave behind in our world of receipts, bills and invoices. In this specific case it not only refers to how people make their way through a jungle of books but also to how every book becomes part of the road that someone travels.

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