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Kristel Explores Strange Horizons

Kristel Explores Strange Horizons

‘kristel gaat vreemd’ is a seven-part human interest series in which reporter kristel waterloos explores unusual biotopes that are light years away from her own world and that of most flemish citizens.

Our daily lives are largely situated within the safe and familiar world in which we live and work. Still, there are also far less evident cocoons - some remote, some surprisingly close at hand - that we may know superficially but that we don’t really know that much about. Of course, this doesn’t stop us from having preconceived opinions because we usually look at this ‘strange world’ with mixed feelings and full of prejudice. Kristel spends a week in the women’s prison of bruges, on a dredging boat, with the gypsies, on a psychiatric ward, in the army and with a group of squatters.


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