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The Rob Report

The Rob Report

‘the average fleming has seven friends’.
‘the average flemish couple has sex 0.38 times per week.
‘15% of flemings buy less than one tube of toothpaste per year’.

Flemings are without doubt one of the most polled population groups in the world. But do we really know who that fleming is? Do statistics tell the full story? Rob vanoudenhoven questions this in ‘het rob rapport’. In his own special way, he goes in search of the identity of flanders and its inhabitants. 

Are flemings social animals? Honest? Do they live healthy lives? Are they good lovers? Is it dangerous to live in flanders? Are flemings still religious? Do they deserve their hard-working reputation? Or are they intelligent? The results of the survey are at times surprising, at times unsettling, but the figures are always an excuse for rob to do some field research. Check and double-check! In his own way, rob sketches a clarifying picture of flanders.

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