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The XII Labours of Vanoudenhoven

The XII Labours of Vanoudenhoven

Popular sunday evening show that ran for two seasons, in which rob vanoudenhoven tries to complete a challenge laid down by a flemish celebrity. If he fails, he has to perform an annoying task in return. The title refers to the twelve labours the greek mythological hero hercules was tasked with. 

Series 1 challenges:
  • win a medal
  • make it onto the news on three separate occasions
  • enchant 1000 women
  • make a million belgian francs
  • meet a world leader
  • visit the eleven eu member states using eleven different means of transportation
  • meet me three times without me noticing
  • perform the seven works of mercy
  • conquer your fears
  • make a name for yourself in at least three different areas
  • spend three days and nights on a desert island
  • sell out the queen elizabeth hall
  • find three ways to cure a hangover
Series 2 challenges:
  • be the first belgian to do something
  • become a walloon celebrity
  • build a house in one month
  • replace three irreplaceable people
  • move me
  • tame the four elements of nature
  • publish a magazine with the same circulation as humo
  • complete a twelve cities tour using natural energy
  • stay awake for 72 hours straight
  • live with a handicap
  • make it home on time
  • quiz with the xii friends

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