Thrilling reality show in which ten flemings embark on an adventure to an unknown destination. One of them is ‘the mole’ and discovering his or her identity is of the utmost importance: the more the contestants know about the mole, the better the odds they will make it to the final. Along the way the contestants must complete a number of challenges which, if successful, increase the prize money for the eventual winner. At the end of each episode, the contestants must fill in a questionnaire that tests their knowledge of the mole. The contestant with the worst score is eliminated.  

This means you can’t confide in anyone because they just might be the mole... 

Flanders wrote a bit of television history with ‘de mol’. In 1998, ‘de mol’ was the first in a series of formats which would later be called ‘reality tv’. Shown in prime time on sunday evening, the programme was a smash hit as the whole of flanders tried to uncover the identity of the mole. In 2000 ‘de mol’ was awarded the golden rose at the prestigious montreux festival and the format was sold to over 50 countries. In 2016, tv station vier brought the programme back to flemish screens.

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