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Belga Sport

Belga Sport

Once we were the bravest of all the people of gaul. In sports, this held true until not so long ago. If you climbed a col in the french alps that is out of category, you were bound to cross paths with a flandrien on your way to the summit. If you were doing training laps at the nurburgring, you had to deal with a brussels racing driver driven by passion and a remarkable contempt for death. And who valiantly held out against the mannschaft machine until the dying seconds of the final at the stadio olimpico? 

Narrated by former radio reporter carlos de veene, belga sport revisits some of the most fascinating chapters in belgian sports history. More than that, it goes in search of the champion gene. What makes ‘a domestic champion’ a true champion? Heroic victories? Or are we really a people of brave resistance, inimitable improvisation and undeserved defeats?

Through archive footage and interviews with the actors and privileged witnesses, belga examines historic sporting events and looks into the souls of our sports heroes to give them the reward they deserve for all their hard work: eternal fame and glory!

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