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10 years of 'Man Bijt Hond'

10 years of 'Man Bijt Hond'

To mark the tenth anniversary of ‘Man bijt hond’, radio and TV presenter Sven Speybrouck was asked to dig up two thousand episodes from the archives. Multiplied by twenty minutes that makes forty thousand minutes of footage. In other words, an awful lot of work. Naturally, Sven didn’t do this by himself. There was no shortage of candidates. After all, it’s one of the best jobs in the world: Watching ‘Man bijt hond’. The adventures of Kris and Yves. Or Mathias and Kristof. The chatterbox. Blind date. No hands. The border. Friends of poetry. Of course. And many more.

But what intrigued Sven the most were all those people who appeared in the reports over the years: Julie, the young Spice Girls fan. Marcella the beguine. Joelma the Brazilian chamber maid. Miss Pigeon. Sven revisited many of these people.


Broadcast period


Season 1

september 2007 - september 2007

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