On 1 March 2007, Belgium was home to people from 199 different nationalities. 

 Many emigrated to Belgium, others were born here. Some elect to become Belgian citizens, others do not. Among them 173,267 Italians, 119,816 Dutchmen, 81,958 Moroccans, 42,504 Turks, 21,149 Congolese, 8,950 Chinese, 6,426 Indians, 2,954 Kazakhs, 649 Cubans, 252 Haitians, 183 New Zealanders, 92 Jamaicans, 14 Kuwaitis, 10 Swazis, 4 Bahrainis, 2 Papua New Guineans and 1 Qatari.

0032 introduces you to 11 of these new ‘countrymen’... What is their life in their second fatherland like? What are their dreams? What are their hopes? And how do they see us, Belgians? 

Specifically, 0032 tells the story of an undocumented Iranian rugby player, a woman from the Tsjernobyl region who came to Belgium for health reasons, a Moroccan inhabitant of Antwerp who stands as a candidate in the municipal elections, a Thai youngster whose family suffered badly from the tsunami, a Roma gypsy woman who for 7 years has been living/surviving in the asylum centre of Ekeren with her 4 children, a Turkish Belgian who wants to become a Belgian boxing champion, a Kazakh woman who wants to introduce her 9-year-old son to his country and his father, a Guinean man who is making a movie to show Africans that Europe is not the promised land, a young Iraqi who hopes to be reunited with his family after 5 years, a wise Indian professor and a couple from Uzbekistan who now run a friterie like full-fledged Belgians. 



  • Prix d'Europe at the Berlin Festival, Best Multicultural Television (2007)

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Season 1

maart 2007 - mei 2007

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