Jay Vleugels (Rik Verheye), Devon Macharis (Mateo Simoni) and Wesley Biets (Stef Aerts) are three gigolo friends. With the indispensable aid of their sidekick Randy Paret (Bart Hollanders) they plan to take the male escort business by storm. Under the moniker ‘Callboys’ they provide paid sexual services to interested women. Their belief in their brand is so strong that they decide to market merchandising. Unfortunately, in their arrogance they forget a universal gigolo truth: what goes up, must come down.

Following the drama series ‘De ronde’ (The Tour of Flanders - 2011), director and scriptwriter Jan Eelen returns to his comedy roots with ‘Callboys’, just like he did with ‘In de gloria’ (2000) and ‘Het eiland’ (The Island - 2004). He penned the script together with scriptwriter Youri Boone. 

Jan Eelen, Youri Boone, Rik Verheye, Mateo Simoni, Stef Aerts, Bart Hollanders

Jan Eelen
Youri Boone
Rik Verheye
Mateo Simoni
Stef Aerts
Bart Hollanders

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